December 14, 2022

City of Southside Garbage Collection for 2023

In response to the overwhelming number of complaints and concerns regarding residential trash collection, the City of Southside is excited to begin our trash collection service beginning January 3, 2023. With the current contract expiring on December 31, 2022, and the proposed renegotiated rates from a contract service, Southside found that the return to self-collection is the most cost-effective and dependable route to take, as have several other nearby municipalities. There will still be an increase in the cost of trash service in the City of Southside; however, it is less costly than the ones our residents could have incurred through the contracted renegotiation process. Effective January 2023, the garbage fee will be $27.00 per month. A benefit to City collection is that it allows the City to provide the residents with a higher quality collection service and a direct contact, Vickie Beggs, for any inquiries or issues regarding your trash pick-up. City-owned trucks with local drivers who are more familiar with our area will be very beneficial in providing consistent and dependable service to residents. Another often requested service and an additional benefit to self-collection is that the City of Southside will begin offering a once-a-month brush/debris pick-up in the Spring of 2023 for each residence which will be included as part of the trash service and rate. 

We thank you for allowing us to serve and appreciate your patience.

Mayor Dana Snyder