March 10, 2023


It has come to our attention that there are objects, other than household items, being placed in the trash cans. Your garbage service is for household garbage only, which does not include motor oil, paint, furniture, car parts, bicycles, tarps, nautical rope, concrete blocks, bricks, heavy items, etc.  These types of items can severely damage the trucks. As an example, a 3” nautical rope which was in someone’s trash can, became wrapped around the compactor and had to be chopped up with an ax to be removed. We currently have 2 of the garbage trucks having to be repaired, as a result of someone discarding unacceptable items in their trash cans.

These are your garbage trucks and it is the City of Southside’s desire to provide you with the best possible service. Camera’s are being installed on the garbage trucks and will help in identifying those misusing the service & to hopefully help alleviate any future problems.  Please help us to spread the word that Southside’s garbage service is for household garbage only. These are “your” garbage trucks and it is imperative to all of us that we maintain them in proper working order.

Also, if you have multiple cans, please space them at least 5 feet apart. This will allow the Grabber sufficient room to dump the can & avoid knocking cans over & thereby scattering trash.  For liability reasons, the Driver cannot get out of the truck to assist.