July 31, 2023

Council Meeting Minutes 07-11-2023




The City Council of the City of Southside convened in regular public session at the Southside city hall on Tuesday, July 11, 2023. Mayor Dana Snyder called the meeting to order at 4:01 p.m., with John Hatley leading in prayer.

The following council members were present: Mayor Dana Snyder, Council Members: John Hatley, Joseph Hutchins, and Don Steward. Council members Keith Clay and Genny Ball were not in attendance. With a quorum being present, the meeting was opened for the transaction of business. The council recessed to the work session at 4:02 p.m., and reconvened the council meeting at 4:38 p.m.

Mayor Snyder inquired of the council if there were any corrections or additions to the council minutes from the meeting held on June 27,2023. A motion was made by Don Steward to approve the minutes as presented. A second of the motion to approve was made by Joseph Hutchins Roll call vote: All ayes. The mayor declared the motion carried unanimously.

The next agenda item was a Resolution to amend the City of Southside’s existing lease agreement with marine rescue company TowBoat U.S. from one boat slip at Southside Landing to 2 boat slips. The TowBoat needs the second slip in order to anchor securely without damage when it is not in use. This was an item carried over from the June 27 work session to allow for further investigation of what impact (if any) the lease of the second slip would cause at Southside Landing. Councilman Don Steward stated that he had made inquiries, and there had been no negative feedback regarding the TowBoat’s usage of a second slip. Councilman Steward then made a motion to accept a resolution amending the current lease agreement with TowBoat U.S. from one slip to two. Councilman Joseph Hutchins made a second of the motion. The roll call vote was all ayes. Mayor Snyder declared the motion carried unanimously.

Next on the agenda was a request for amendment of the City of Southside Wrecker Ordinance. Lieutenant Jason Patty of the Southside Police Department had addressed the council regarding the Ordinance’s antiquated pricing and lack of language about commercial vehicles. The council agreed to put the amended ordinance on the July 25,2023 council agenda.

The next item was a Resolution to increase yearly funding to Etowah County Board of Education specifically for Southside High School and Southside Elementary School from $5000.00 each to $8000.00 each to offset the increase in cost of trash collection and disposal from each respective school. Councilman Don Steward made a motion to accept the resolution increasing the funds. Joseph Hutchins seconded the motion. The roll call vote was all ayes. The mayor declared the motion carried unanimously.

Next, after deferring from their place on the work session agenda to address the council in the actual council meeting, a group from Southside FFA, lead by their faculty sponsor, Allison Heald presented information about the Southside High School FFA program. Ms. Heald started off by acknowledging the past 3 years of success by the program. She stated that the program had garnered highest honors at the National FFA Convention for that time period, and expected no less at this convention. She spoke about several projects that the students themselves spearheaded in the community, and invited everyone to participate in their upcoming Farmers Market they had arranged. Ms. Heald said the FFA had received a RCND grant which would help with the cost of sending 10 deserving FFA students to the convention in Indianapolis, Indiana in October, leaving a balance of $2200.00 for costs of travel and admissions for the group. She spoke of other contributions, both secured and potential, and asked the Council for help to offset the costs. Three FFA students addressed the council and approximately 40 attendees and explained what the experience would mean to them, as well as how beneficial the FFA program was to them as students. The council agreed to discuss this matter, with a goal of a decision by September 1,2023.

The following announcements were made by Mayor Snyder:

• Anyone who wishes to be on the OMA email list to receive notifications can be added by emailing the city clerk cityclerk@cityofsouthside.com
• The meeting agenda should be added to the website by the next council meeting, July 25,2023
• The next Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for August 7, 2023 beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the council chambers at Southside City Hall.
• The next City Council meeting will be held July 25, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. in the council chambers at Southside City Hall.
• Tasty Thursday Food Truck Rally is Thursday July 20,2023 from 5-8 p.m. in the City of Southside City Hall Parking Lot.
• The next dinner and a movie at Southside Landing will be Shrek on July 28 with food trucks at 6:00 p.m. and the movie starting at 8:00 p.m.

Mayor Snyder then inquired if any of the other council members had anything else to address, John Hatley, Don Steward, and Joseph Hutchins all responded no.

The mayor then asked the residents in attendance if anyone had anything to add. There were several questions and answers delivered.

With there being no further business to discuss, a motion was made by Don Steward to adjourn at 4:59 p.m., with a second of the motion cast by Joseph Hutchins. Meeting was adjourned at 5:01 p.m.

Dana Snyder, Mayor
Cindy Beshears, Acting City Clerk